Another start

What a fucking year 2020 was. So many goals and dreams crushed by covid. But that was last year. Its 2021 and the delta variant is spreading across the country. Deja vu is setting in hard but this time I'm going to get something going.

I've hopped around from idea to idea and while I've made good progress on these projects I'm nowhere near launching it. I've gone from automatic app generators to revieving Parse to games and social media.

The mantra for 2021 was "A leap of faith" but I seem to have lost faith. So instead of creating something awesome - I'm going to help others create something awesome. "Those who can - do. Those who can't - teach" - ha.

I still firmly believe in the no-code / developer not required mantra but to get there some code will need to be written. So thats what this site will be. An exploration of creating awesome apps and maybe an idea will spark along the way.

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